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// Greetings!
// Thank you for your interest in our Wedding Videography services

I'm Alex,
As a lead Videographer at Fire Dove Films 
I personally film and edit all of the Weddings. 
And I would never outsource editing to someone else
therefore I’m taking only a limited amount of Weddings each year
And whenever I need help  with filming or photography for larger weddings
I have a few friends who are equally  amazing creative individuals 
that always happy to help if needed.
To simplify all of the pricing we have created 3 pre-set Packages
that will be suitable for most weddings and various budget options.
We can also provide bespoke quotes based on your requirements.
Please see our revised packages below and contact us about extras,
or if you'd like to modify them to your needs.
Your perfect wedding videographer is a couple of clicks away
drop me a line to check the availability and we go from there.
First Package 
Ceremony to First Dance
Coverage at 1 Location

( Filming starts half an hour before the Ceremony 
until after the first dance )
One Videographer 
( With 2 Cameras used for Ceremony and Speeches )
Footage edited into 2 Films:
4-6 Minutes Cinematic Highlights Film
45 - 60 Minutes Documentary style Wedding Film
( Inclusive of full Ceremony and Reception speeches )
Digital delivery
( Online link with films provided for sharing and download )
Second Package
Preparations to First Dance
Coverage at up to 2 Locations

( Filming starts from Bridal preparations,
two hours before the Ceremony, 

until after the first dance )
One Videographer 
( With 3 Cameras used for Ceremony and Speeches )
Footage edited into 2 FIlms:
6-8 Minutes Cinematic Highlights Film
60 - 75 Minutes Documentary style Wedding Film
( Inclusive of full Ceremony coverage and Reception speeches )
Digital delivery
( Online link with films provided for sharing and download )
Third Package
Full Wedding Day
Coverage at up to 3 Locations

( Filming starts from Bridal and Groom preparations 
3 hours before the Ceremony until one hour after the first dance )
One Videographer + Drone
(  3 Cameras used for Ceremony and Speeches 
Aerial drone Videography Inclusive )

Footage edited into 3 Films:
1 Minute Cinematic Teaser / Trailer

8-10 Minutes Cinematic Highlights Film
75 - 90 Minutes Documentary style Wedding Film
( Inclusive of full Ceremony coverage and Reception speeches, 
all Readings, with extended coverage of  moments
 of your day )
Digital delivery
( Online link with films provided for sharing and download )
Some of our extras:
Photography of your day / Inclusive of a separate photographer starting at £995
Additional Videographer + £345

SDE / Same day Highlights video edit to showcase at evening reception + £295
Drone aerial videography starting at £195
Fast track editing / Final product completion within two weeks + £195
Live broadcasts of the Ceremony or Reception, starting at £295
Unedited (RAW) footage provision on a drive at the end of the Wedding Day +£95
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" Would highly recommend Alex to anyone!
He was friendly and professional.
Alex’s work is outstanding, our wedding video was everything and more then we expected.
Thank you so much Alex for capturing our special day the way you did."
Terms and Conditions 
Payment and Deposit 
Deposit payment is £195 for all packages including bespoke Packages with any extras
Deposit must be paid upon booking, to secure your date, and not refundable after 14 days.
The rest of the payment to be paid anytime can be paid by installments, the final amount must be cleared prior to the wedding day.
We are using the secure online invoicing platform for online payments, debit or credit cards accepted,
payments by installments allowed, also, we accept cash, direct bank transfers.
Aerial Drone footage
Weather conditions and permission dependent. 
We are fully insured with public liability and CAA-certified ( Commercial drone license )
Turnaround times and delivery
All films and photos are edited and uploaded online, to view, share with family, and download,
the link is provided within the timescale of 8 weeks up to 12 weeks during busy season,
or within 2 weeks if Fast track service requested

We are creating films in future-ready 4k UHD definition as a standard without any additional costs.

 ( Films being uploaded to our website, video sharing sites,
and on the wedding resources for our portfolio and awards.
If, for any reason, you do not want your wedding highlights film to be used for such purposes,
 please, let us know about this before the filming.
Also, in this case, a wedding video cost increases by 10%. )
Fees for traveling

* Our price packages to include travel expenses within the radius of 50 miles from Bournemouth,

travel fees for a further distance calculated at £0.5 for excess mileage,

destination fees, based on the distance, apply outside our main regions.

For more information please refer to our Q&A section below.

You can proceed with your booking by completing this booking form.

Q & A
Who is the main operator?
My name is Alex Golubenko and I'm the founder and creative director of Fire Dove Films.
I personally capture and edit weddings, because it's one of my favorite videography types.
How far in advance should I contact you?
As early as one week, but we recommend to contact us upon confirmed booking of your venue.
What kind of technology and equipment do you use?
We are not using video camcorders, that's an old practice of the past,
we use high-end digital large sensor cameras and professional cinematography cameras
accompanied by prime lenses, stabilization systems, light panels, and audio recording devices.
How far do you travel and what is the charge for traveling?
We travel all over the world.
Destination travel expenses negotiable based on the distance.
Do you use a specific technique or innovative approach?  

We use the most advanced cinematography equipment and exceptional editing and color grading skills.

We use the same techniques used for cinematic tv documentaries and feature film production.

Do you work alone or do you have a team of professionals?

I work alone most of the time. gather a bigger crew based on the package for larger weddings.

What are the forms of booking and payment?

Hassle-free everything is done online.

For payments, we use a safe online invoicing platform with secure online payments,

also, we take cash, cheque, or bank transfers if that's easier for you.

How do you work?  

Professionally and with respect, following the flow of your day.

I know how important a wedding day is for the couple,

I won't disturb the process of your day and I will usually stay unseen

and calm and steady at important and quiet moments, shooting from distance with the long-reach lens.

Wedding Videography Showreel

Wedding Videography Showreel


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